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How to Apply

Students originating at VT. Students in the U.S. have two options for applying to the dual degree program. Ultimately, every student must apply - and be accepted - to both universities.

  • Option 1: Apply to VT-ME during the regular fall application cycle (October-January). Apply to TUD-ME in November of the first semester, year one.
  • Option 2: Apply to VT and TUD-ME simultaneously (October-January).

Students originating at TUD. TUD students will apply for the program through TUD first (November). Following a nomination process, TUD students will apply to VT in a special application window (January -  March, choose program option VT-TUD dual degree). 

The benefit of simultaneous application (Option 2 for VT students) - and acceptance - is that the student will be able to formulate a plan of study immediately, incorporating the TUD curriculum into the plan. A delayed application to TUD means that the first semester of coursework will be mostly complete before the student secures an acceptance to the dual degree program.

In all scenarios, students qualify for a fee waiver and should contact for more information.

Checklist for Accepted Students

Congratulations! Now the real work begins to prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Below is a list of items that students should begin to complete prior to any activity abroad.

Identify a faculty advisor at each campus. Your advisor will help you draft your plan of study and refine your research question.

Check on opportunities through Global Engineering and the Office of Global Education.

Confirm that your passport is up-to-date and will be valid for the duration of your time abroad.

Register with the Office of Global Education under the Global Research, Internship, and Independent Study Registry. This will cover liability, CISI insurance (catastrophic injury, evacuation), and travel assessment - all requirements for current VT students.

VT students must purchase German health insurance for their time at TUD. This insurance will cover preventative care while in Germany.

Register with TUD's International Student Services for housing assistance. 

Work with the TUD-ME staff and faculty advisor to determine your individualized summer program. Options include German language courses, research, and travel.

At long last, it's time to purchase airfare! The Office of Global Education will offer advice for ticket purchase.

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