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Program details

Degrees. Students will earn the VT master of science in mechanical engineering (MSME) and the TUD master of science (M.Sc.) in mechanical and process engineering.

Plan of Study. Students will identify two mentors, one from each campus, and draft a plan of study for each degree. Coursework from both campuses will apply to both degrees. VT students will begin their studies in the U.S., completing two full-time semesters of coursework and formulating a research project. The summer may be spent in the U.S. or in Germany. Year two will commence in September with two full-time semesters of coursework at TUD. Degrees are awarded after the research thesis is successfully defended.

Besides the international experience, students can earn two degrees with four full-time semesters of course work and one thesis project. At completion, you have two institutions with alumni and industry networks to support your academic and career goals.

Familiarity with the language will make life easier, but most classes are taught in English. TUD offers an introduction to German language as an option for the summer semester.

The International Student Services (ISS) Team provides information about housing in Darmstadt. The campus is not residential but rather is incorporated into the city of Darmstadt. The Institute has identified affordable housing options in close proximity to the campus.

Yes, students will need to purchase German health insurance for preventative care. In addition, Virginia Tech requires students to enroll in CISI insurance for catastrophic injury and evacuation. Details about CISI are found in the Office of Global Education website. Please review the. checklist under our How to get started page for further information.

Check back or contact us at for more information.

Yes! One of the great benefits of this program is getting to experience a different culture. Students will be able to travel before the fall semester begins, on weekends, and on breaks. Learn more about Darmstadt and the surrounding area here.

The global pandemic has impacted our study abroad programs, and we are closely following the situation as it progresses. Please visit the 

The global pandemic has impacted our study abroad programs, and we are closely following the Office of Global Education's COVID-19 recommendations